It’s All in
the Details

Rather than simply order takers, Universal Molding provides a complete umbrella of services, to ensure the best possible results for you. We invite you to utilize these varied services, from start to finish.

CNC Machining

Advanced AutoCAD Equipment

Full In-House Support

Shipping Throughout U.S., Canada and Central America

Complete in-house fabrication services are available to you at Universal Molding, for a wide range of customer applications.

We offer the following fabrication capabilities:

  • Brake Press
  • Cutting & PLC Cutting
  • Drilling and Countersinking
  • Knurling
  • Perforating
  • Punching and Notching
  • Tapping
  • Welding

Recognized as a custom roll former, Universal Molding specializes in precision roll shapes, to extremely close tolerances.

Our experienced team can provide you with an economical solution for:

  • Variety of material thicknesses and widths
  • All project sizes and complexities
  • Standard and custom metal roll-formed shapes
  • Most metals, including CRS, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, plus specialized and pre-coated materials

All roll forming is conducted nearby, through our North Star affiliate company.

Customers rely on us for various types of finishing that provides attractive aesthetics and protects their products from damaging climates, environments and conditions. We put all of our finishing techniques through rigid durability testing to ensure the longest-lasting performance for your product.

  • Anodizing
    Available from Universal Molding in a variety of standard and custom colors for lengths up to 24 linear feet, our anodizing can greatly enhance the appearance of your product. Just as important, it provides an extra layer of corrosion resistance, offers stronger adhesion for primers and aids in the retention of lubricating oil or film.
  • Powder Coating
    For resistance to chipping, scratching and extreme temperatures, environmentally-friendly powder coating provides a superior finish for your product. Our high-tech electrostatic painting system ensures a precision application with superior color retention for lengths up to 23 linear feet.
  • Wet Paint
    Universal Molding offers numerous wet paint types, including acrylics, fluoropolymers, polyesters and PVDF coatings such as Kynar and DuraChrome. Every job undergoes a thorough pre-treatment process to enhance long-term performance.

Universal Molding has generations of expertise in extrusion and fabrication tooling. Our superior grade tooling results in better productivity and lower costs that we pass along as savings to our customers. Let us know how we can help you with your tooling specifications.

  • Precision custom to your specs
  • AutoCAD latest release software
  • Directly generated from your files
  • Quality controlled and inspected


Customers needing shorter lead times for their product can utilize Universal Molding’s convenient warehousing services. Working with you to maintain appropriate stock levels for your frequency of use, we rely on a computerized control system that ensures a timely, reliable response.


We package to your exact specifications and ship with lot-controlled bar code labeling for the highest visibility, through our company delivery fleet or common carriers with a reputation for dependable service.